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Our main business is property solutions:

For Tenants this is finding suitable accommodation.See About Us

For Short Term accommodation.Please see the Rental Property section for further details.

For Landlords and Property Owners this is providing an income from their property. This can be a 'hands free' and guaranteed income,at no cost to you,if required.See About Us

For Service Providers this is providing a suitable property for long term use.See About Us

Our business does of course include standard Property Rentals. Please see the Rental Property section for further details.

We also have a property purchase division, whereby we may be able to purchase your property very quickly & discreetly with no chain involved. Using this purchase process it may also be possible to enable you to remain in your property as a tenant, without any for sale boards, or anyone knowing your about your change in circumstance.

Please Contact Us for further information.
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